Written by Mike Spicer and Pat Dooney
The crowd is getting restless,
it’s time to hit the stage
They don’t want to hear it
if it’s written on a page
There’s a devil by our side and our demons deep inside
“Sing the song”, they cry out, “and take us for a ride”
The river rolls along outside, 
it doesn’t have a care
Whiskey flows more merrily with music in the air
I might have thought of you, 
but I drank those thoughts away
Pulled my favorite guitar 
‘til the night swallowed the day
A woman is a temptress, and whiskey is a sin
When the devil comes a-calling, let him play his mandolin
Angels in the darkness, 
they throw us all a bone
To keep the banshees quiet 
we’ll sing another song
Searching for a melody, lassoing a star
When death’s dark angel comes to call we’ll give him a guitar