Bold Thady Quill
Written by Johnny Tom Gleeson
For rambling, for roving, for football or sporting,
for emptying a bowl just as fast as you’d fill.
In all your days roving you’ll find none so jovial
as that Muskerry sportsman, the bold Thady Quill.
Ye maids of Duhallow who are anxious for courting
a word of advice I will give unto ye.
Go down to Banteer to the athletic sporting
and hand in your name to the club committee.
But do not commence any sketch of your progress
‘til a carriage you see coming over the hill. 
And down through the valleys and hills of Kilcorney
with that Muskerry sportsman the bold Thady Quill.
The great hurling match between Cork and Tipp’rary
was played in the park by the banks of the Lee. 
Our own darling boys were afraid of being beaten,
so they sent for bold Thady to Ballinagree. 
He hurled the ball left and right into their faces,
and showed the Tipp’rary boys learning and skill. 
If they came in his way he was willing to brain them,
the papers were full of the praise of Thad Quill.
In the year ’91 before Parnell was taken
our Thade was outrageously breaking the peace.
He got a light sentence for causing commotion,
and six months hard labour for beating police. 
But in spite of coercion he’s still agitating,
ev’ry drop of his life’s blood he’s willing to spill.   
To gain for old Ireland complete liberation,
‘til then there’s no rest for the bold Thady Quill.
At the Cork exhibition there was a fair lady
whose fortunes exceeded a million or more.
But a bad constitution had ruined her completely
and medical treatment had failed o’er and o’er.
“Oh mother,” she cried, “Sure I know what will cure me
and all my diseases most certainly kill.
Give over your doctors and medical treatments,
I’d rather one squeeze from the Bold Thady Quill!”