Lighten Up!

Lyrics by John Keys, music by Fiddler’s Green

Lighten up, you bastards, lighten up, (Póg mo thóin!)
Lighten up, you bastards, lighten up, 
Life’s to short to be an ass, take a breath, this too shall pass.
Lighten up, you bastards, lighten up!

In this life, we’re trying to get by,
Go to work, walk the dog, hope the shite is dry.
And when the day is almost done, we hope to make it bright,
with some friends, a pint, and laughter for the night!

Life is tough-enough, when you’re alone,
So why do folks get upset when-you-find a happy home?
Boy or girl, black or white, stop trying to resist,
Steven Stills says to just “love the one you’re with!”

Politicians are a bloody two-faced bunch,
Retchin’ blue N red fake-news, as we buy their whisky lunch.
We’re all lookin for the same-in-life, n we ain’t afraid to cus,
They should not forget they feckin’ work for us!

Now this ditty’s just a comment ‘bout today,
Make light of things you cannot fix, love folks out in the fray.
Lighten up all people now, don’t always try to clash
But if you trash this song, we’ll fecking kick your ass!