Lyrics by Brian Baker, music by Beltaine


Follow me down to the bottom of the hill

where pine trees hold the smell of slop and alcohol

A lean-to hides the barrels and the still that I love best

and on the roof my dog Mercy settles in for her morning rest


One by one my friends deserted me and my still

calling me crazy as I drank up my fill

In a purple haze my best friend became more than a dog

she offers spiritual guidance and protection from the law


When the law comes around, her ears pop up like arrows

head cocked to the left she holds her gun by the barrel

And when Sheriff John McNiss, yells he’s going to take our still,

with the law and his fist, Mercy whispers “Resist”


A-oh-A, Mercy whispers resist

A-oh-A, Mercy whispers resist


Standing on two legs and imposing her will

The sheriff and his men back away from the still

Mercy smells the fear so she shouts at John McNiss

“I’ll let you sniff me in the field after I take a piss”


McNiss drew his gun as his face turned bright red

I just kept on drinking, figuring I’d be dead

The man, the dog both fired but Mercy’s aim was set

Now it seems the state police will need to train a new cadet


You know it’s true what they say, happiness comes with whiskey

Whiskey from a still and my dog named Mercy

And when I can’t persist when the morning bleeds too bright

and I moan in the mist, Mercy whispers “Resist”